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1. The parking area is solely reserved for vehicles, camper vans or roulottes.
2. Payment has to be done in advance on arrival, to our person in charge. For nocturnal arrivals, please contact the person in charge
the following morning. We're open 24/7.
3. Groups are allowed only through advance special agreement and by booking.
4. Swissvan declines all responsibility for damage to vehicles, things and/or people inside the parking area.
5. It is forbidden to exceed the occupation of a single parking space.
6. It is strictly forbidden to light outdoor fires in the green area.
7. It is forbidden to use water to wash camper vans.
8. It is forbidden to dump waste water (appropriate place is nearby, in Bellinzona).
9. Littering is forbidden, please use the dedicated dumpsters.
10. It is forbidden to use the dumpsters to throw away rubbish like fecal residuals or leftovers.
11. It is forbidden to create custom washing lines and to hang dirty linen on trees and/or infrastructures.
12. Children and animals must be watched over in order to avoid disturbing the neighborhood and any damage to things and/or
people, or to themselves.
13. Dogs and other animals must be kept on the leash, and their residuals must be picked up for proper disposal.
14. Nocturnal silence must be observed from 00.00 to 07.00.
15. In case any of the above rules is broken, at our discretion we reserve the right to drive the offender away from the parking.
Accessing the area entails the total acceptance of this regulation.

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